How do we do it?

Here are some images showing the design process behind our big Highland Cow Necklace!

Step 1:

We research our piece, this is mainly done via relevant magazines, books, style blogs and photographs. Mhairi tends to have collections planned months in advance so this part of the process can take a long time to complete to make sure we get our designs just right.

Step 2.

Mhairi Bling gets sketching in her magical book of ideas! Her past life as a graphic designer lends itself well to creating just the right shapes and lines for our pieces. She will also sketch out ideas for any matching pieces to create a set and mark down things like colour selection and type of chains that might work.


Step 3.

Draw the final artwork on the computer. This is normally done via a graphics tablet to create an accurate copy of Mhairi's original sketches. We can then move bits around or modify points and angles until we are happy with the final design. We also create artwork for each layer and colour of plastic too. Then Lasergirl gets to work cutting each piece on our machine. We test different versions, normally by trying them on each other to see how they look! 


Step 4.

Assemble the finished piece! Once the laser has cut out our acrylic we can then hand assemble our finished design. We have a wee team of Blingers on the Isle of Bute who help us with this.

First any glueing that's needed is done, then adding any embellishments, then chain is added using jump rings and jewellery pliers and last but not least our 'BB' branded tags are added to the clasps to finish.

The Highland Cow is finally ready to be tagged, packaged and sent off to a lucky stockist or customer!

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