In the dark and gloomy days afore Bonnie Bling yer favourite Scottish slang words lay abandoned in fousty, dank corners, fightin’ fer breath through the piles of tartan emblazoned dinner mats, screaming out fae the heather encrusted wall calendars, and left to rust for eternity on yer Great Auntie’s old shortbread tin. ‘NAE MAIR!’, said us, and away we went.

Bold, cheeky chancers who blew the dust right aff those auld conceptions, turned them on their wee heids, and wrapped them roond the necks of every fashionista worth their laserdust.

Bright, shiny, perspex wonderments all made by oorselves in a fancy-shmancy ‘micro-business’ in trendy Finnieston. ‘Ooo, check them oot,’ the newspapers cried and celebs fae Karen Gillan, tae Usain Bolt, Laura Whitmore tae Sir Elton John (nane the less) clambered o’er themselves to bag some of our braw new jewellery like you’d never seen in yer lifetime.

O’er the years we’ve treaded the trade shows, walked doon catwalks, stocked the stalkiest cats in town, but ne’er are we mair at home than when workin’ in our wee studio with our laser running and oor pals popping in fer a wee blether. Our ‘Blingers’ hail from aw corners of the globe, each with their ain personal connection to the pieces we create to celebrate oor absolute adoration of Scottish culture.

We’ve overcome illness (if it wisnae fer oor wellies btw), survived childbirth (and got a braw wee bairn to prove it), mastered our cashflow (acht, maistly), been brilliant at social media (YALDI!), battled the ups and doons o’ self employed life and ne’er ha’ we strayed fae oor dear customers and oor shared love of aw things Scottish.

It isnae breezy aw the time, but whit’s fir ye’ll nae go by ye, and oor six years in the business is testament to the hard graft put in o’er many, many days an lang, lang nichts. We could probably dae with a wee nicht up the dancin’ eh?

And the very best news? Well we areny even nearly done yet.

We want to keep sharing oor passion, creating the most charismatic collections, the very best wearable art, collaborations worth crying oot fer, and building connections between the auld and new Scotland bonnie as she is.

Oor wee team is ready to grow, we have new ranges to busy oorselves wi’; fae oor daft cairds, tae oor inhoose made haimewares, there is much tae be daein’ roond oor bit.

And tae tap it aff, well, we’re a sustainable business tae boot.  We use offcuts, we recycle our waste plastic, we’ve even started to trial 100% recycled and recyclable acrylic. Ya absolute dancer.


We work with our peers, no against.

We create for our customers, no fer the high heidyins.

We make because we cannae stop doing whit we love.

There is a river of inspiration running through oor wee business that cannae be dampened.

We even got a new ornament fer the mantle off the Sunday Herald afore it closed doon! Absolute belter!

So eh, how’s about it, ye dancin’?