Almost a year ago today, Mhairi Bling set off from Glasgow to visit Edinburgh for the International Film Festival. We were off to see the premiere of Scottish made movie 'Not Another Happy Ending'.

A very special occasion that saw Mhairi decked out in head to toe by Scottish fashion designers Obscure Couture and of course wearing some of our very own Bonnie Bling.


Mhairi chose the gold acrylic triangle necklace 'Giles' from our Bonnie the Vampire Slayer AW 2013 Collection and wore it with matching ring.

This was no ordinary movie though this time we had some Bonnie Bling on the big screen! And not only that our 'Ginger' badge was worn by the star of the film, Scotland's favourite red haired beauty, Dr Who star, Karen Gillan.

What an exciting night it was with red carpet, reception, cameras flashing we even spotted a good few celebs at the after party too!

It was a huge thrill to see one of our favourite pieces of Bonnie Bling jewellery, that we designed and made here in Scotland, on Karen and on a full size cinema screen! We even spotted Bonnie Bling listed in the film credits at the end.

Even better when we caught some of Karen Gillan's own feedback in interviews, including Glamour magazine

One year on the movie is now launching in America and our unique range of 'Not Another Happy Ending' jewellery is still available to snap up from our online store. But you'll need to be quick our range is limited edition!



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