Anybody else out there been having fun with the midgies? Being based on the West Coast of Scotland we are very used to the blight of the Scottish Midge and are experts at keeping them away! 


Here are our top products for stopping the blighters from biting!

1. Clarins- Eau Dynamisante perfume, midgies HATE the citrus notes but it smells delish to humans and is lovely on a warm Summer's eve.

2. Avon- Skin so Soft..obvs. A well known midge beater used by hillwalkers and festival go-ers alike. Great price too.

3. After sun with insect repellant built in- not only moisturing and helping soothe your sunny skin but keeping you bite free too. Bug free bonus! You can find these in lots of places now and they are great for taking abroad to fend off the Midgie cousin, the infamous mosquito.


Don't forget to check out our amazing 'Midgies Love Me' badge, makes a great gift or souvenir for those who are favoured by the Scottish Midgie!


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