Our work/shop in The Hidden Lane is painted in shades of pink, it really is a great colour to show off the colours of our lasercut acrylic jewellery.

Pink Retail Display Idea from Bonnie Bling

This Christmas we have added red and white into the mix to add a festive candy cane vibe to the place. We work as hard as the elves so why not have our own grotto! here are some of the details from our Christmas shop display incase you fancy some for yourself!

Pink Sparkly Curtains - Amazon £9.99 for set of three

We snapped ours up from the big guns at Amazon, we just couldn't get a better deal!

Star Curtain Lights - STRALA £20

Ikea Star Light Curtain

Ikea is just perfect for affordable lighting and these pretty stars can be used both indoors or out.

Candy Cane Ceiling - 12 for £1

Candy Canes

A trusty stapler, some red string and a box full of candy canes from B&M was all we needed to finish off our ceiling decor!


Pink Christmas tree - £12.99 from Festive Lights


How could we resist? A quick search on Ebay gave us this beauty.

Bonnie Bling Decorations - Elf Movie set £18 for 4

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