So last year we ran a 70% sale on some of our Scottish Slang products, it was our second year participating in Black Friday with the first year being pretty slow. We had no idea how unprepared we were for last year's massive influx of orders!

With me on partial maternity leave, it took my Blinger and me almost two weeks to clear the orders and if there's one thing that taught me it was, be prepared.

This year I've seen a lot of stores opting out of Black Friday deals, both large chains and smaller independents. There is no doubt that across the media last year the scenes we saw were pretty darn ugly, there certainly wasn't much goodwill to all men going on.

However, our high level of sales online last year meant that I was able to make space in my wee office for new designs and also meant my wonderful customers were able to buy a piece of Bonnie Bling for themselves or as a gift that perhaps, with money tighter this season, they wouldn't otherwise have been able to purchase. All the money we made in sales that weekend enabled us to buy new stock, develop new ranges and to attend a big industry Trade Show, so it all went straight back in to developing the business.

It's on this basis that we'll be participating again this year. We have been busy making extras of our bestselling item and a limited number of them will be available at 50% off just for Black Friday. We will also be bringing back some of our infamous Scottish Slang pieces and offering them at up to 70% off.

This works well for my small business. It means my makers have had a bit of extra income from the additional work. I also brought in an extra pair of hands to help me with the stock control for the website and for the sale.

It's been lovely having someone else around HQ while I've been busying away and now we are, at last (we hope!) prepared for Black Friday! 

I know it's hard to ignore the big companies with their glossy adverts, shiny vehicles and super jingly ad campaigns but try to remember the smaller businesses at this time of year, the makers, designers, illustrators and fashion labels to name a few. A purchase of even a small £5 gift from an independent business multiplied by all of you can make a very real difference.

We hope you enjoy our sale and your shopping. Spoil someone, hell, spoil yourself! But nae need for that stampede this year eh? ;)


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