From Instagram Post to the Bling Blog

A family member asked me today if I wouldn't be better to get myself a 'proper' job, and I can't say I haven't thought about it from time to time.

Y'see I wasn't very well today. It meant I couldn't get along to the studio to get some test cuts done that I've been really excited about. Baby Bling had been up early at the spectacular time of 4.20am and it totally knocked me for six on top of the other illness. I couldn't train up my new laserguy, pick up the bits I needed to complete an order, or do much to bring in any actual sales, overall was a pain in the butt and sucks not being able to have a Plan B for Bling at the moment until I am ready to build it up again. 

But you know what? I know I can do this! I know all the cool things I have planned for Bonnie Bling in the future. I love what I do, I love the instafamily you guys have become, I can't thank you all enough for supporting my wee business! 

I get to work doing what I enjoy plus I get to spend time with my babygurl before she grows up and toddles off to nursery/school one day soon. It's hard going at times, parenting and business running are no mean feat, and I defo feel like sometimes a safety net would be nice but I believe in my business, in you guys and in the BLING!! So I guess my inspiration for ‪#‎MarchMeetTheMaker‬ is that I believe in myself. Whatever other people think of you and your life there is only one person that matters and it's YOU!

You got this!

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