Last month Bonnie Bling returned to London for Fashion Week. We wanted to go and support the Scottish massive and see the new Obscure Couture collection for the first time on the catwalk and what a treat we had. Exciting to see the gorgeous Lauren Andrews taking to the catwalk again looking HOT as always. The furs, the golds, the wigs and oh god that gorgeous Jenivieve Berlin headpiece, what's not to love?!

Ever since our collaboration in 2010 the girls have become firm friends of the Bling. I adore seeing them grow and evolve as creatives. Their collections always just blown me away and I was very proud to be at their show and to be a part of the whole LFW experience.

How hot are these? Absolutely loved the acid yellow and black detailing on these trousers.

The hours of hard work in pattern creation, cutting and sewing were clear for all to see in this stunning dress. 

We even had a wee tiny piece designed especially for the show. New studded sparkling knuckledusters!

A stunning collection, a brilliant weekend, for the first time I felt I 'got' London. I been before sure, but this was the first time I felt like I could stay that little bit longer. Maybe next time. And as for Obscure Couture, well the new Spring/Summer collection launches in the next two weeks! We are truly SPOILED!


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