Hello there fashionable friends!

I'm Brenda Bling. Don't listen to what Mhairi and Lorina tell you, I'm the real Bling Boss around here! 

I've been like sooooo busy practising my catwalk all over Rothesay this Summer that I haven't had a sec to stop and say hi but let's be honest, this weather just isn't so good for strutting my stuff in so it's time to settle down and sort out my outfits for the weekends and parties ahead.

I'll be showing you the best of Bonnie Bling and picking some of my favourite outfits and make ups for you to check out. Need outfit advice? hey! I'm your lassie.


This week I got my hands on a brand new Bonnie Bling bobble hat in a brand new colour and for the great price of £24.95. Amazing for a hand made hat that is machine washable!

It's going to go great with my new Alexander Wang x H&M patterned jeans that I snapped up in the fashion frenzy yesterday for £59.99 before they sold out! Now to start looking for the perfect jumper to match.


See ya later Blingers!








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