In honour of our house-guests this week, we are looking after a friend’s rabbits while they are on holiday, I thought it would be nice to do a post about some rabbits.

I used to have a rabbit called Maisy, she was a Himalayan grey and had chocolatey ears and tail. These two we are looking after are quite a pair! First we have Crumble who is a lovely fawn colour and is a nosey little minx. Her beautiful brown housemate is the lovely Brulee who is a fluffy little number with floppy ears.

I spent my Friday night with a bottle of wine and a best friend sitting with them letting then run all over us, Much Too Fun!

We should have been wearing some of these amazing rabbit masks from Lupin Handmade

How cute is this mini Miffy stapler available from Supercute Kawaii

Carry your bunny with you with this charming rabbit mirror made by Adrianne and available via Folksy

Of course when Brulee and Crumble’s owners return from their travels we will be bunny free :-(. Perhaps this would be an ideal replacement, made by Zygopsyche and available through Etsy

And don’t forget we have our very own solid silver bunny charms available here at Much Too Fun!

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