I thought you might like to see the amazing gifts that were given to me over the holidays, check out how good I was!

I must have worked really hard in 2009 because office Secret Santa brought me this delightful new friend to add to my collection.

He’s a Wee Creeture and it looks like there may soon be more friends to join him as the website is currently under construction.

My brother nailed it this year by giving me this superhandy, supercute Tofu phone holder from Supercute Kawaii One of my absolute favourite places to suck up cuteness on the web!

I sure did get a lot of bags this Christmas but imagine my surprise when I unwrapped this beauty from my husband.

And then realised it was just the bag wrapping my actual bag! DOUBLE BAG BONUS!

I totally love it, despite the slightly worrying fact that it was apparently made from an old pair of vintage 70’s leather trousers! Joey D has a whole range of reworked bags, skirts, jackets and loads more go pay him a visit!

And of course, you’ll have met these two beauties before but how can I resist including them in Santas Sack!

What about you? Did you get anything nice? Maybe even a Much Too Fun necklace! Get in touch and share the wares!

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