Our Plastic Pledge - Sustainability at Bonnie Bling

We know there’s a lot of chat about sustainability at the moment and it’s something we are keen to develop further in Bonnie Bling. 

Our acrylic plastic comes from industrial offcuts and from UK manufacturers. We only buy up small sheets as our machine can only fit up to around an A3 size.

We use as much from every sheet as we possibly can, we are launching our new 'offcuts' collection soon.

When we have built up a car boot full of whatever is left, we take them to an industrial recycler who grinds our plastic into pellets that are then passed back to manufacturers who melt and remake into new plastic.

Full circle!

We also use cardboard boxes for most of our shipping that is plain and can be added to your household recycling bin or maybe even decorated to store your Bling! Our plastic Jiffy bags have already been recycled and are also recyclable if you pop them in the bins for carrier bags at your local supermarket collection point.

We keep our greeting cards naked when they are in our store and we are now beginning to roll out 'naked' cards in our online orders. However, some of our stockists are still receiving plastic cello envelopes for their cards as we have to ensure they stay clean and presentable, we are looking to switch to bio-degradable slips once our existing supply has been used.

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