What a wild ride that last quarter of 2019 was. Lewis Capaldi fever gripped the country and a daft wee idea I had exploded onto the internet and led to a VERY Capaldi Christmas round here. It was an absolute blast and what a treat to look back on, thank you for making that such a memorable time for me and Bonnie Bling.

Then came the holidays, I was in desperate need of a break and some time with my kiddo after her first big block at Primary school. We spent the holidays together, our terrible trio, in a daze of tinsel, TV and time spent together and with our loved ones, it was really magical. 

I am happy to be back at work now, but I am finding this 'New Year, New Me' stuff a lot harder this year. I normally love to sit and review and goal set over the holidays but this time I just needed to rest and spend the time with my family after working without them so much before Xmas.

I do love a good goal, and although I'm signed up to a couple of business groups in 2020, I'm not putting myself under pressure to set any right now. It just doesn't feel like quite the right time for me, and maybe not for you either. It's okay to do things when it suits you and not just because everyone else is doing it. It'll come together, and when it does I'm sure it will be even more awesome because I've taken more time and space to think clearly about what I need and want to achieve next.

Who knows what lies ahead? Let's roll along and see what happens next...

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