Lockdown Living Room

At the start of the year we got a fab new sofa from sofa.com not knowing quite how long we'd be sitting on it this year!

I am so pleased with the bright blue colour, we weren't sure at the time if we could pull it off but with a lick of white paint on the walls and some bright and bold cushions it has really lifted our room. I couldn't resist these cushions form the lovely Ellie over at East End Press and sneaked a couple of handprinted tins in my order too. Obviously I had to top up my Nikki McWilliams biscuit cushion collection too adding the ombre custard cream into the mix.

I keep thinking about the old drab grey sofa we had before and how much this new one has lifted our mood in the room, it has been so nice to have that splash of colour as we find ourselves all locked down together. 

Even better was when my husband Neil decided to finally recover our old armchair and transformed it into this gorgeous pink number. Using a Bute Fabrics tweed that I bought with my 40th birthday money, he taught himself how to recover it bit by bit just by taking the old chair panels to bits. What a superstar, I am so in love with the new look.


Slowly I'm getting our prints back on the walls, maybe by the time lockdown is over it will be finished. I have some that I've been waiting to frame and put on show for what feels like an age. Time to put my lockdown time to more good use! 


Margot Andrew:

Great colours . Love the fireplace . I never have enough rooms to think up new colour schemes for even though I and hubby have a flat in Gourock ( great view of the Clyde ) and Xavia Costa Blanca .

Mar 09, 2021

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