Going Green... and orange and black and white!


Bonnie Bling goes ‘Ecoo-Friendly’ with new range of Highland Cow jewellery

Having researched alternatives to virgin sheets of acrylic, Bonnie Bling will now be phasing out existing material and replacing it with 100% recycled acrylic plastic sheets, that are also 100% recyclable! It's a big step to make for a wee business but I really believe that change has to come from all of us if we are to work at combatting climate change together. 

Last month, after an extensive research period, I made the financial investment in the first sheets of recycled acrylic plastic. As a small business, I can't afford to do it all at once but I decided I could make a start with one of Bonnie Bling's most popular collections and build from there.

The first range to get the eco makeover is the bold and bestselling Highland Cow collection, which is stocked online, in gift shops and across The National Trust for Scotland outlets. 

Each of the orange and black cows will be lasercut from the new material and hand assembled onto a birch wooden base, laser cut from sustainable sources.

Not only that but I now have a great stock of the first three colours so any other Bonnie Bling that is made from orange, black or white acrylic will start to be made from this new material as soon as old stocks have run out.

Working in plastic is exciting and allows for a lot of colour in my designs. I have always done what I can to work with offcuts and maximise usage of my acrylic materials however, I have been researching alternatives for  a year and finally chose this new material as the perfect replacement for my virgin sheets. It is enabling me to reduce waste by using a completely recycled product in the creation of my designs.

It’s been great to see sustainability at the forefront of innovation and new product launches over the last 6 months. Bonnie Bling’s new range fits perfectly with our own values and reflects the direction we are heading in.”

Gemma McQue, Merchandise Develoveroper

The National Trust for Scotland

Our New Acrylic Sheet

  • Is made from 100% recycled acrylic
  • Reduces need for landfill
  • Uses less water and CO2 than virgin plastic manufacturing
  • Is made via a closed loop system so has a low carbon footprint
  • Made in the EU and distributed via a UK company
  • Comes in hundreds of different colours

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