Eco Postal Packaging Ideas

This is a sponsored post. I only ever share products I think will be of interest to my customers and I think this is a great wee company doing good things.

Those of you who've been following Bonnie Bling will know I am always working to be a more eco-friendly business. Last year we made the switch to using recycled acrylic plastic for around 85% of the products we make, including our bestselling Highland Cow range. To make these items from material that was otherwise headed to landfill was a big achievement for a wee business like mine, but there's always more to do.

I've been trying to reduce the plastic in relation to our postal packaging lately and came across this company who look like they have the perfect solutions for an e-commerce business like mine. It'll be a shame to lose the bright pink tape that keeps your packages safe but sometimes there are more important issues and I hope making the switch to paper packaging tape will increase recycling of our postal packaging boxes. So say farewell to our pink plastic tape and hello to new eco tape!

Lil Packaging are a packaging company who sell eco-friendly packaging, with their alternative solutions to plastic, their message is simple- thinking about the environment and the ocean. All of their products have found a way around using plastic, even to the sealings on the products and they've got some fantastic feedback on the work they're doing. 

I am looking forward to trying out this eco-friendly tape and some of these fab new plastic free mailbags. They also have a great range of PIP postal boxes which I go through a LOT of when packing your lovely orders. I know loads of my indie business pals will love these!


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