Our NAHE journey began around a year ago when we were approached by the producer of the movie the wonderful Claire Mundell. She asked if we had any jewellery that they could use in their crowd funded UK made film, when we heard that Karen Gillan was starring we just knew what we had to do! So the next day we wrapped up our 'Ginger' badge and sent it off for it's very own five minutes of fame.

Claire was great and told us that Karen had loved the piece and that it had featured in a 'key scene' in the movie but we knew we'd have to keep our fingers crossed to see if it would make the final cut.

We needn't have been worried, a couple of months ago we received a very swanky invitation to attend the movie's premiere as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Not only that we had been asked to make a special gift to give Karen as a thank you from all the crew and she loved it!

Obviously we donned our favourite Obscure Couture gown, teamed it with our brand new Giles ring and necklace and set off for the red carpet! What an amazing time we had, we were sat right behind Karen Gillan and Stanley Webber and we even got to trot along to the very, very cool after party to watch some of the bands play their songs from the amazing soundtrack.

It's all been an amazing thing for our business to be a part of, we have enjoyed every bit and I have to admit I just about popped with excitement when I saw Bonnie Bling's name roll at the end of the film credits. Yes we were a very small part but I just felt so so proud of our wee business. 

Since then I've had a few meetings with the NAHE team and we were asked to create an exclusive range of items inspired by the film. It has been such a joy to make the pieces and we hope you like them too. As always every piece is designed by us, lasercut on our in house (crowd funded!) machine and then hand assembled by our magical wee team here on the Isle of Bute.

Thank you to everyone for inviting us to be part of such an exciting project, we hope you'll support the movie by going to see it when it launches this Friday 11th October and maybe even treating yourself to a wee memento from our NAHE collection.

And if you just can't wait until Friday, then you can view the trailer right here..enjoy! It's a wee cracker.

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