Not many people who’ve met you for all of ten minutes invite you to come and stay with them.

Oor Mhairi did. So here I am, the new intern as I’ve become lovingly known.

Must have been the suggestions of travel by chariot and mission impossible style entrance to any event

P.S.I am available for interview advice.

Three weeks ago, I made my first trip to Rothesay to check out the new home of Bonnie Bling and new, old home of Mhairi Mackenzie.

Naturally I was laden with woolly jumpers, brollies and rain hoods, though seemingly all for nothing as the weather was nothing less than BRAW.


Straight off the ferry, I checked out the office (or Brandish Bute) where all your lovely jewellery is now being crafted by small tartan clad elves. 

Then a tour of the island (I challenge you to find llama shaped scarecrows elsewhere).

I met the dream machine (laser) and watched Mhairi work her way through her orders, one of which was for the Harris Hillwalking Festival.

…and then it was rum time and it's all a bit of a blur from there. But here are some (artfully chosen) pictures I found the next day.





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