So Bonnie Bling have branched out! Last week saw our first venture into the world of fashion design with our collaboration with Joanna Nethery's Raksa company.

We've known Jo for a while and always admired her clothes made for herself and friends so when we were asked to show at October's In the Company of Wolves event we approached Jo and asked if she'd like to collab with us on a unique collection. When we told her it was 70's horror themed she was in!


The whole project lasted around 2 months, we initially brainstormed and came up with concepts for our different looks and decided on 6 final pieces. All materials used were to be organic and fairtrade which proved to be a challenge in itself. When we realised how difficult it was so source organic velvet in this country we opted to compromise and use recycled materials for two of our pieces. We also created a full range of Bonnie Bling accessories to match the most daring of which was our Birds headpiece.

It's been one of the most exciting projects we've undertaken, so much energy and creativity between us and Jo and amazing to see what we came up with after all the hard work. The show itself was an incredible experience where we got to close the show with our Shower Scene dress, we were so nervous but everything was so well received and everyone was so lovely!

Our final pieces are viewable in lots of lovely photographs on our Facebook page and we will be doing a shoot in the next week so we can get them up here for you to buy asap.

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