Top tips for keeping your acrylic jewellery in ship shape.

1. AVOID SPRAYS- like the plague. Nothing will mess up your bling more than stray hairspray or perfume. Spray yoself first Blingers, then add your finishing touch :)

2. BE GENTLE - Hey we know your bling is made of plastic but acrylic is a very fragile type so it can break easily. We take care getting your items packaged up carefully in tissue and corrugated boxes, try not to drop and be careful of catching on clothing etc. Your Bling is all made by hand, it's special :) TLC 4eva!

3. A WEE WASH- if your plastic piece gets a little mucky then wipe carefully with a lint free cloth and some warm soapy water but try to avoid the chain. We use silver or gold plate chain which won't last forever, our pieces are fashion accessories, but with a little love your Bonnie Bling should last a long time. 
If you'd ever like your chain replaced because you have worn your favourite piece to death then please drop us an email. We can do this! :D



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