What a weekend we have had! We were thrilled to secure a last minute spot at the first ever Made in the Shade Edinburgh Jamboree. This took place in the very cool Roxy Arthouse venue and we were surrounded by much too loveliness all day long.

We headed off to the venue with our matching brand new Gillian Kyle Creamola foam bags. We had treated ourselves at our last craft fair at Glasgow's Lighthouse. We were delighted to discover that Gillian was actually on the opposite stall from us so we got to be stall buddies for the whole day :-)

Check out her brilliant items on her lovely website here http://www.gilliankyle.com

Then we set about preparing our stall complete with our new homemade backing board to pin our brand new badges too.

No sooner had we set up than this lovely lady appeared who had just arrived to sing alongside special guest Piney Gir, all the way from Kansas! She just LOVED our new necklaces and treated herself to a wee Blether necklace. Doesn't it look brilliant!

We had a really great day and managed to treat ourselves to a few items including these amazingly cool solid silver skull rings from Hannah Zakari and made by Michelle Chang.

Many thanks to the MITS girls for all their hard work, it really was a great day. We met lots of lovely new people aswell as managing to catch up with our fellow Glasgow Mafia members and other crafters. Thanks to Claire at Miso Funky for the quite wonderful donation of Mingin' Dynasty planters, pics to follow! And to Angharad Jefferson for our first official craft swap :-)



What a fun day it was!

May 17, 2010

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