2009 was a good year for me and I have to admit I’m sad to see it go. I realised yesterday that I kind of had a five year plan and that it’s now kind of run out! So time to have a think and make a new one.
With Christmas still in the air it made me think of presents gone by and I found these cool pictures of my first ever computers kicking about on google images.
The amazing ZX spectrum, my first ever computer.

Then I moved up to the games-tastic Atari 2600. Used to love that game Q-bert where a little orange dude jumped around pyramids and you had to hold the controller at an angle to get it to work properly.

Looking back always makes me look forwards, so what of the year 2010? Well here are a few of my most recently thought up plans.

1. Get better at blogging. That means this right here, more up to date, more interesting and more interactive!
2. Do a jewellery course so I can design and make my own charms, how exciting!
3. Attend at least 5 craft fairs. Hopefully warmer than Glisten!
4. Redesign the Much Too Fun site. It was made in a hurry so would like it to be all nicely pimped out.
5. Keep an art journal/ sketchbook regularly throughout the year. I am hoping this will help collate more of my ideas into one place and make me a stronger designer overall.

We shall see how we get on!

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