Ya Beauty! Exclusive Springtime themed Gift Box

Ya Beauty! Exclusive Springtime Themed Gift Box

We know you love your Bonnie Bling and we think it's important you're allowed a few treats for yourself throughout the year. Following the success of our Black Friday special we have decided to launch a quarterly box filled with limited edition pieces that you will not be able to pick up anywhere else!

This season's box is Springtime themed and is full of the quirky Bonnie Bling style you know and love.

You can keep it all for yourself or share the Bonnie Bling with yer pals, either way we have some really beautiful limited edition treats in here for you and at an incredible price.

BOXES ARE STRICTLY LIMITED - Once they gone, they gone.

Each Box will contain:

Exclusive Springtime brooch- This is the CUTEST brooch you ever did see and can't wait to start sharing the pics! 

Exclusive lasercut homeware product- Created for you to assemble at home our lasercut gift will brighten your window for the season ahead.

Surprise Scottish greetings card

Bonnie Bling item- we liked it, so we're putting a ring on it!