Endo Sucks - Charity Pin for Endometriosis UK
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This month is Endometriosis Awareness month. I have created these little pins to raise some funds for Endometriosis UK.

As some of you may know I am 1 in 10. I have had Endometriosis my whole adult life but was only diagnosed around 4 years ago. Having suffered excruciating periods, trips to A&E, blacking out from pain and also a miscarriage, I was finally diagnosed via a laparoscopic  surgery which discovered stage four Endo, the most advanced form of the disease. 

I have since gone on to have a full hysterectomy to stop my periods, remove the current endo lesions and also had excision from my bowels and surrounding areas. I am now 6 months post surgery and my life is now 99% pain free. I cannot tell you how scared I was before all this and how relieved I am that things have worked for me. But, in time, it can return. I have now had 3 surgeries related to my endo, some women have many more and still nobody knows for sure what causes endometriosis. It’s only really in the past year that the word has become more widely heard and that is in no small part due to charities like Endometriosis UK and the women who share their stories to raise awareness of this painful chronic disease.

Endo could have ruined me at so many points, and it certainly hasn’t made things easy, but with the support of the Endo community I found I was not alone. It gave me the confidence to speak out about my disease so that other’s can know that they too are being heard.

I hope you’ll join me in raising funds for this brilliant charity this March.