This is a DIY jewellery subscription box with a difference. You probably know by now that I'm an ideas kinda gal, whether they are my ideas or other peoples I love to hear about them, help them come to life and inspire others to believe in them. 

After almost 20 years of self employment, my ability to realise my ideas has become central to my success and to my own happiness. Is there anything more satisfying than seeing a dream become real before your eyes? Well, maybe opening a cold, vintage can of Irn Bru on a hot Summer's day comes close, but not quite!

I want to help you fall in love with your ideas. I want to give you space and time to listen to them, to ease them from the back of your mind into the forefront of your real life so that you can begin to take steps towards making them a reality as part of the life you really want to be living.

This 6 month membership group is going to give you time to listen to your ideas, to share them (yup, even say them outloud!) and take steps to action at a pace that is gentle and reflective, 'aint no frenzied hustling going on over here! 

So what's included in your 6 month membership? Let's talk details!

Over the 6 months we are going to explore :

Getting started- too many ideas? No Ideas at all? Got an idea but not sure what to do with it? Lets start at the beginning.

Taking shape - There will always be obstacles so let's not hide from them, let's bring them into the open and tackle them head on! 

Gratitude - giving thanks can be an incredible foundation to grow from. It's not been easy for me to do this myself but I'll share what I've learned about gratitudes that I think you'll find useful.

Dreaming - Let's look at what generates good ideas and how to reach further.

Celebration - Well it will be Christmas and time for a wee party! Time to celebrate together and celebrate those ideas!

Keep Going - How to keep ideas afloat in the face of realities. If there's one thing my friends will say about me it's that I'm resilient! I'm going to share my top tips on how to keep going when it feels everything is against you.


Monthly Charm Jewellery project

With a brand new theme every single month, I have designed an exclusive set of charms to match each one. I want you to have beautiful themed necklaces and bracelets to add to your own accessories collection, that you can wear to remind you that you made them become reality.

New kits will be sent out each month to arrive through your postbox, and maybe I'll include some little extras as we go!

You will invited to attend an exclusive Zoom 'Blingalong' once a month where we can make our jewellery together, blether about our ideas and I will share some of my own advice and experience on the theme of the month. I always find that when I am busy doing other things my ideas sneak up for air, let's use the time to let them breathe.


Online Members Community

Access to a private Facebook group for members: this will be a space for us to share our discoveries. I will go live at the start of the month to discuss our theme and prompt you with things you can work and reflect on. I want us to be open, honest and kind to our ideas so that can help them find a place to land. 

I will also post in the group weekly to continue giving you some of my own ideas on how you can develop your own!

Sign Up Info

This is an investment in yourself to create a space for you to uncover your own ideas and to help them grow. I am really looking forward to beginning this journey with you.

If you are ready to join the fun then you must be all signed up before Friday 31st of July 2020. After that time the subscription will close. 

Anyone who subscribes before Tuesday 28th July 2020 will receive a free set of jewellery pliers with their first subscription box!

This is a full 6 month subscription and there are no refunds. If for any reason I am unable to hold the BLINGALONG at the time stated in the monthly box then it will be re-arranged to another time.

You can choose to pay up front or to spread the payments over the 6 months.


Is this for me?

Well ideas are for everyone so I'd say so! How about if...

You'd like to set aside some time for yourself to do something a bit different

You want to work on ideas but don't know where to start

You want to meet some other good people who are also interested in finding and using their ideas

You want something you can dip in and out of when it suits you throughout the 6 month period

You like any of the following a) Bonnie Bling jewellery b) making things even if you haven't done it before c) finding out more about Mhairi's Bonnie Bling journey via her quite frankly brilliant banter ;) d) a wee bit of self care 'me-time


Any questions? Drop me an email and I will have a blether with you. Otherwise let's get to it, it's About Blinging Time after all!