Me Too Pin badge
Me Too Pin badge Me Too Pin badge

Me too.

I'm making these pink acrylic with red text pin badges to show solidarity with all the other's who have been or are being sexually harassed or assaulted. Following the horrific Weinstein revelations it's been suggested that should we all speak out and declare 'Me Too', then people would begin to realise how common this problem actually is.

I haven't selected a charity just yet but I will donate £2 from the sale of each badge to a worthwhile cause, if you have a preference and would like to make a suggestion then please add in your comments box with your order.

Verbal harassment and intimidation in the workplace by colleagues, managers and customers when you're just trying to do your bloody job. Patronising and derogatory comments from guys you have to work with who don't get that you're just as capable, being treated 'like a girl' and likewise being advised to behave like one. Shouts from groups of guys when you're trying to get home safely on your own day or night, being told to 'SMILE' on the underground by guys when a family member just passed away, being groped whilst out with your friends at busy public events, walking home when it's dark with your key between your fingers because you don't feel safe, assholes the same age as your parents thinking you are giving them the come on for just being polite and trying to get them to leave you alone, guys who shame you for not sleeping with them or spread rumours about the opposite. Ugh, and the mansplaining!!!

Honestly, the list is endless and worse for many other women. I am glad that at last more people are starting to speak up and understand that this is not appropriate behaviour. It is not the world I want my daughter to grow up in, it needs to change NOW! #metoo